Hi everyone! Today I will obviously be reviewing Empire of storms by the wonderful Sarah J. Mass, this is the fifth book in the throne of glass series which as I said in my last post is one of my favorite series.          So without giving any spoilers I just wanna say that I really enjoyed this book and I liked it a lot better then the previous book Queen of shadows. I did give this book five stars but I did have a few small issues that I will discuss in the spoiler section. I loved all the characters in this book epically the side characters. But by far my favorite character in this book was lysandra. 

      That’s all the none spoilers I can give so let’s jump in the the spoiler discussion!


                       If you have not read empire of storms do not read beyond this point 

Okay so let’s start off with what I loved about this book. FREAKING LYSANDRA. I love her so much. I love how loyal she is to Aelin and the rest of the group. Her power is just so cool and very useful in this story. 

       Surprisingly my favorite parts of this book were the action scenes which is rare for me to enjoy any of the action parts in this series. 

       I loved all the friend ships in this book especially all the female friendships because so any YA books don’t have any good female friendships and that’s one of the big things I love about this series. 

      I even actually really liked Manon who is someone I never really cared about. I thought she was so fun and interesting and just brought I totally different perspective to this book. 

Okay now for the stuff I did not enjoy. One of the biggest things I have a problem with is how this series has flowed. The first two books seem totally different to the other three which I can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing. 

            Another thing is Aelin, she just kind of bugged me in this book. She can just be so mean at times and it felt like she was fighting with everyone through the this book. I actually agreed with Darrow at the beginning of this book when he said she wasn’t fit to be queen. She’s to rash and doesn’t get along with anyone which is not good for a political leader. And what is she going to do if one of her subjects piss her off? Behead them? Also I’m against the idea of her and Rowan taking over the whole continent. Now saying all this doesn’t mean I love Aelin any less. I think she is so badass and more books, movies, and tv shows need female characters like her. She just has some much needed character development.

          Now to talk about the ships. Okay since day one I have been a Celorian shipper but after this book I have come to terms with that they just aren’t going to happen (but I’m not happy about it). My absolute favorite ship in this book was Lysandra and Aedion! I thought their relationship was adorable and different and just so refreshing.

      This ship that I can’t stand is Dorian and Manon, I love both those characters just not together. Dorian has always been one of my favorite characters and I just want him to be with someone who brings out the good sides of him. 

       A ship that I do’t really have a opinion about in Rowan and Aelin. I have never really cared about this ship. I don’t know why I just really don’t care about anything they do. And they just kind of annoy me.

      I also just fell in love with Lorcan and Elide. I love their characters so much and I think they are great additions to the squad. It was so emotional to hear that Elide”s mother died saving young Aelin so she could live and one day return to save everyone.


      Now let’s talk about that insane action packed ending. First off, OH MY GOSH! I hate and love that we never know what Aelin’s plans are. Maeve is just a horrible person but we still have no idea what she actually wants which is going to drive me crazy for the next year. 

      All of the sudden Aelin was being tortured and we found out she married Rowan and we finally found out he her mate! The scene when Aelin was being whipped was just so hard to read. And when she refused to count, oh my it was just so intense and painful. 

        And now Maeve has kidnapped Aelin and she’s in a box and we don’t know what is going to happen. 

       Aelin and Lysandra’s plan was just so crazy. Aelin married Rowan could be king of Terrasen, Lysandra was going to pretend to be Aelin and have children with Aedion so the heir would continue and no one else would know except them. 

Finale thoughts: I thought this book was just great and expanded the story in a great way. I really missed Chaol so I hope he is okay and not dead but the story did flow better without him. 

      It breaks my heart that we only have one more book in this amazing series. I hope all the ships will get better and the next book can just be a beautiful ending for a beautiful series. 
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