Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog for another book review. Today I will be reviewing and discussing Pride Prejudice and zombies by Jane Austin and Seth Grahame-Smith. Of course I have read the original book by Jane Austin and like everyone else who has read it, I love it and it holds a special place in my heart. 

      I really wanted to love this book but sadly I didn’t LOVE it but don’t get me wrong I didn’t hate it either. I did once give this book three stars but I really did enjoy it I just have a couple issues with it. I have not seen the movie yet but I do plan to watch it next weekend (because Matt Smith is in it and I love him) I have a feeling I might like the movie better but we’ll see. 

       Well that’s all for the none spoilers for this book. Do not continue reading if you have not read the book yet. 

Okay let’s just start off with what I didn’t like. This book didn’t have enough zombies. It literally was just Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice with a couple awkwardly timed zombie fights thrown in which were always way to short. It never really got explained why this plague was happening and how it turned the dead into zombies. It dose say it started with the black plague but that’s about it. 

     And in the ending we never fix the zombie problem. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth get married but we never stop zombies and kill them once and for all. So the problem this spin off introduced never even got resolved. 

     The fights were always to short and never had enough detail for me to picture (luckily this book actually dose have pictures). 
Now let’s move on to what I did enjoy. I rally liked how the zombie plot effected the choices the characters made, like they were the same choices in the original book but just for different reasons. Like Charlotte married Mr. Collins because she got infected by the plague and she wanted her last few months to be happy. Also Mr. Bingley didn’t want to return to Neverfield because he was terrified of the zombies. And at the end Lydia asked for money because Mr. Wickmen was paralyzed by an attack and needed money to live. So that part of the story I rather did enjoy. 
     Like I said earlier the fight scenes weren’t my favorite but there were two that I just absolutely loved. The first one being at the dance when the Bennet sisters whipped out their knives and killed the zombies like it was nobody’s business! Also I loved the one with Elizabeth and Lady Catherine in a dojo. That fight was just so cool.

Well that’s all I really have to say about this book. Even though I only gave this book 3 stars I still really enjoyed it and through this version of Elizabeth was so awesome. Pride and prejudice is the only Jane Austen book I’ve read but I’ve been really wanting to read more so comment which book by her I should read next.
Okay well that’s all for today. I hope you all enjoyed this review! Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow. Happy reading