Authors note: Hey guys! As promised, along with book reviews I will be publishing poems I write. I wrote this one last spring and I got first place in a local fair so I’m pretty proud of it.
                                                     The Accident

There was only laughter and

Smiles before everything

Changed. Before the world

Was upside down and spun around
There was a bang and a white

Light. My neck snapped forward

And the car was spinning around

The car flipped over and everything

I opened my eyes and the world

Was upside down. In front of me

I saw a women, who was she?

I could. Not remember.
I only remember her face and

That she held me and loved me.

Was this woman my mother?

I wanted to scream but couldn’t.
I knew everything was changing.

There were red and blue lights

And people trying to move the car

I wanted to ask for help but I couldn’t
Next to the women was a man, they

Both had blood running down their 

Face. Their eyes were closed. Were 

They asleep? Why won’t they wake up?
I remember the mans face as well

I knew he made me feel safe and

Made me laugh. I could see myself

Riding on his shoulders when I was younger.
Were these my parents? Was I staring

At the bodies of my parents? The car

Was still, but I felt the world spinning

And changing. To my left there was a girl.
She had glass in her neckband blood

On her clothes. I remember playing

And fighting with her. She was my 

Sister, I knew that immediately.
Now I was screaming and

Crying. I knew everything was 

changing people started to

Pull me out of the car.
I was begging for them to

Leave me with my family.

Let. Me stay with them.

Let me die with them.
The world was still spinning.

Would it ever stop? I prayed

It would. I watched as they 

Put the bodies I black bags.
Why were they doing that?

I begged them to stop. But 

They didn’t. I started to cry.

Someone tried to calm me,

But failed.
For a moment everything

Stood still and I found myself

Standing in a black dress in 

Front of three caskets.
I laid a rose in each one and

Began to weep. I knew then

That everything changed.