Hey everyone! Today I will be discussing the book I read over this past weekend. Everything, everything by Nicola Yoon. I started this book Saturday night and then finished Sunday night. I honestly loved this book so much and gave it five stars. 
     It dose have a few clichés and the romance is very instant love but that’s to be expected in this characters situation. But it was still really cute.
    This book is about a 17 year old girl named Madeline who has SCID which basically means she’s allergic to everything. Colors, most foods, the air outside, and even some people. So because of this she has never left her house.

     She only knows a handful of people. Her mom, her nurse Carla, her doctors, and her online tutors. 
     One day a new family moves into the house next door and they have a son named Olly who un like Madeline has lived a lot and had to grow up at a young age. 

     Okay that all the none spoilers I can give today so go read this book and then come back to this review 🙂


      Okay. Wow I just loved this book a lot. I laughed, I cried, my jaw dropped and much more. Let’s just jump into this and talk about that ending. It turns out Maddie dose not and never has had SCID and her mover made her believe she did to “keep her safe” after the death of her son and husband. 

      I never in a million years saw that coming. It was really sad to read about how her mom was crazy and Maddie kept her door locked for her own safety. The whole situation was shocking, heartbreaking, and messed up. The worst part is even though Maddie doesn’t have SCID her immune system is to weak for her to really live a normal life. 
      Okay now let’s talk about the relationship between Olly and Maddie. It was VERY instant love but still adorable. I loved reading their IM messages. I loved reading their fast five games and them talking about books and poems. (I’ve never read the little prince but I diffidently will now)

        The first time they met in person was adorably awkward. It was so cute to read about them accidentally touching and their first kiss, but it gave me a lot of an anxiety because I thought she was going to die. 
      Can I just say how much I loved Carla. She was really funny and she cared about Maddie so much and encouraged her to Live. It was funny hear the stories about her own teenage daughter Rossa. I cried when Carla was being fired. Honestly why would you fire the nurse who your sick daughter LOVES, and who has worked for you for over fifteen years. 
      The scene where Maddie runs outside to save Olly gave me such anxiety like no stop. Man that was intense. 

      I hated when she lied to Olly and said she had pills to help her. I was so afraid she was going to die and her kinda did. 

       The trip to Hawaii was pretty adorable, we got to meet a friend of Olly’s, we got to see Maddie be introduced into the world for the first time and it was just really special to watch. 

The part when Maddie almost died was so scary. I teared up when it said “My. Heart. Stops”. I really thought at the begging of this book she was going to die but thankfully she didn’t.
       Overall I thought this book was really fantastic. I loved this story and really cared about Maddie and loved watching her character development. I can’t wait to see this book become a movie!

        Well that all for today guys, please like, comment, and follow. Happy reading!