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Hey guys! Look I finally finished a book! I know it’s miracle. Today I will be reviewing and discussing The Hamilton Affair by Elizabeth Cobbs. This book is about the love story between Alexander Hamilton and his wife Eliza. Unless you live in a cave you’ve probably heard of the musical Hamilton which I am obsessed with so when I heard about this book I had to pick it up.               This book is classified as historical fiction, there’s a few things changed and added but it’s still accurate. If your a fan of the musical I recommend this book, it’s just really fun. Well I don’t think there more I can say with no spoilers (except it’s not really spoilers because this tuff actually happened)

             Okay so I really did like this book but I think I’ll only give it three and half stars. The first hundred pages where kinda boring (mostly the ones from Alexander’s point of view) and I just kept waiting to get to the part where they met. But after that it did pick up and it was pretty cute to read about their courtship and engagement. I love the part when they go ice skating, 
             The characters where all great even though I already loved them all because of the musical but it was still fun to read about them. I really liked the character Ajax who though is completely Cobbs creation, I did enjoy reading about him and I thought he was a great addition to this story. 
               One thing I didn’t like was the ending. I thought it was rushed and went by to fast. We have Phillips death, Alexander’s death, and a chapter from Eliza in her later year all in the last twenty pages. I wish we got to see more of the effect of Philip and Alexander’s death it took on Eliza and the other kids. Though it would be really sad. 
              Something only I would probably find this funny is how in the second half of the book it’s all just Eliza being pregnant. I felt like she would have a kid and then ten pages later she was talking about being pregnant again like woah Alexander and Eliza needed to chill. 


              Another thing I didn’t like was that we barely saw anything with Burr. I hoped to have more scenes with him and maybe more of a build up to their dull.
             Overall I did enjoy and I would read more from Cobbs in the future. I’m sorry this was kind of a short post, I’m pretty busy with school and NaNoWriMo and also today is my birthday (yay!). Thank you guys for reading this post and don’t forget to like, comment, and follow. Happy reading!