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Hey everyone! I hope your all having a fantastic week! Today I thought I would give you a update on my NaNoWriMo process. I know I said I said I would do these updates every couple of days but the first week of November was pretty busy for me but for now on I can hopefully post more updates. 
        Right now I’m at 11,672 words so I’m right on track. My story is going pretty well except it’s going on faster then I would like but I keep having to remind myself that this is only a first draft and I can fix everything I don’t like at a later time. One thing I’m worried about is if my book is boring. There’s is only two characters in the present day setting and most of the time they aren’t talking to each other so. Feel like some of the parts lack energy. 
       I’ve really just been enjoying the process of just being able to write. All though it can be stressful especially because of school, I love it. I had this moment on the first day of NaNo where I was typing as fast as I could and and I just started smiling because I was so happy to be writing something. 
      My best writing day so far has been last Friday the 4th because I wrote two days worth of words so I wouldn’t have to write on Saturday because I had my birthday party. That day I wrote over 3,000 words which I know deep down its not a lot but to me it is. Today when I hit 10,000 word it was like the best feeling in the world. I just stared at the word count for five minutes. 
      So I decided I would give you guys a little snippet of my book. I’m not going to give you any context your just going to have to figure it out hehe

Where the heck have you been!?” Owen asks practically yelling at me. 

            “Why do you care?” I say getting out of my car.

            “Oh I don’t know because you went off to god knows where and didn’t even come back and I’m the only person in this stupid place you know!”

            “No your not!” I lie.

            “You can’t just stay out all night Harper! It’s not safe!” He says. This statement makes we want to scream at him.

            “Oh so now you care about my safety? This is new.” I say. 

            “Come on Harper don’t give me that.” He says lowering his voice.

            “Please just leave me alone.” I say and head straight to my room.

Okay well I hoped you enjoyed that, please note it’s not edited at all so yeah. I’ve noticed I really like writing scenes where characters argue, I have no idea why. One problem I have right now is that I really miss reading. It’s to hard for me to read and do NaNo at the same time but I really miss reading and Netflix because I’m being a good writer and not letting myself fall for a new show.
         Okay thats all I have for today but I have a couple post goi g up later this week. There will still be the weekly poem and also I will be posting a birthday book haul so look out for that. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don’t forget to like,comment,and follow! Happy reading! (And writing)