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Hey guys! So I don’t have a book review for you today because I haven’t read anything (I’m too busy writing) so today I thought I would do a short post explaining why I love reading. 
    I always look forward to weekends because Saturday is reading day and I can just sit in bed all day and read as much as I want. I’ve always loved reading but I became a avid reader in 7th grade after I watched some book vlogers on YouTube. Ever since then I try to read a book every week,I love making goals for my reading, I love talking to other people about books, and I love being taken to another world just for a little bit. 
    I personally believe you can’t be a great writer if you are not first a reader. I love being a reader and I love being called a reader. I don’t mind being the girl with her noes in a book, if that’s all people remember me for I don’t care. 
    I love going to the book store. I love saving my money and then going to the book store and getting a ton of books. I love being able to put them on my shelf and giving them a new home. I love having a new shiny book on my nightstand just waiting for me to read it.
    I guess most of all I love the experience of reading. I love watching the left side of the book having more pages then the left side. I love being lost I a great novel and loosing track of time. I love being able to close the back cover and mark a book finished on my goodreads. I love that no matter what I can pick up a book and it will take me away from my real life. I love that I’ve had a million adventures all in my bedroom.
   Okay that’s all for today. I know this post was super short but I’m really busy right now with schools and writing. Things will be better in December I promise. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don’t forget to like, comment, and follow. Happy reading