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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! Today I will be discussing A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Grey. This is the third and sadly the final book in the amazing firebird trilogy. I love this trilogy, I read the first two books earlier this year and I already think it’s one of my favorite series. Since this is the third book I can’t really tell you what’s it about but I will give the synopsis for the first book. 
    Marguerite Caine grew up with brilliant physicist as her parents. Their latest invention is a device call the Firebird which takes people to alternate dimensions. After Marguerite’s dad is murder by a close family friend Paul -who is also one of her parents interns, Marguerite has to jump into new dimensions to find Paul who also escaped trying to get away from the police. They chase each other across thousands of worlds trying to find the truth.
   This is just an amazing trilogy about love, science,destiny, and adventure. I would recommend it to anyone. So go read these books and then come back to discuss the final book with me.


    Okay so I don’t really know how to properly review this book because I love it and the other books so much. It’s like that perfect child who you can’t find anything wrong with. So this discussion section will just be a crazy mess of my emotions. 
   I guess let’s first talk about all the worlds we visited in this book. The first one was the londonverse which we visited in the first book. We weren’t there very long, just long enough to die. It was a pretty crazy beginning. Then we went to Egyptverse witch was really cool. I really liked seeing everyone study archeology instead of physics. I really loved how in this universe Marguerite helped In the discoveries instead of just being along for the ride. That was really fun to watch. 
    Next we went to spaceverse (yessss) it’s kind of like the oceanverse from book one but instead they all live on a space station. Then it was back to the Romeverse which we went to in the second book but we didn’t spend much time there so it was fun to go there again and see more of that worlds Paul (who is a cute cinnamon role btw). Then when the universe was being destroyed Marguerite got rescued by Warverse Paul and we obviously went back to the Warverse where we learned that they figured out a way to talk to everyone else in the different dimensions so that was cool. 
   Then we went to the Triadverse and it was really confused because I can’t remember anything about the Triadverse from the other books. But it was pretty crazy because Traidverse Theo died which for some reason was pretty sad even though I never liked him. That worlds Coloney died which was a big win for team lets-not-destroy-the-multiverse. The we went to the Josieverse where Marguerite’s dad and sister Josie died so that was pretty sad. I’m glad that Marguerite got to give that worlds version of her mom some closure. 
   Then we went to the Clonverse which was one of my favorite parts cause we got a big fight with Marguerite and Wicked and it was awesome. We also got a big meeting with a lot of the other Marguerite’s. Cambridgeverse, oceanverse, Warverse, Cloneverse, mafiaverse, and Russiaverse were all there and it was amazing. Also really awkward. I’ll talk a little more about this later. After that we went to my favorite universe from this book, Moscowverse. In this universe everyone lives in Moscow and Paul and Marguerite are married and have a daughter! It was so cute watching them be married and domestic. Also in this universe Marguerite was death which I actually liked because you don’t see that a lot in books. It was really interesting to watch Marguerite react and deal with it. I also love this universe because Paul finally got back to his senses and they talked about their problems and it was really nice. 
   Okay now let’s talk about that ending. It was so rushed and crazy and I was kind of confused what was going on. When Paul “died” I knew he wasn’t dead, like they wouldn’t kill him like that. I liked Marguerite teaming up with Mafiaverse Romola to take down home office. I thought the whole thing with Marguerite’s universe being destroyed was a little over dramatic but they fixed it in the end. 
   I really liked the epilogue, I feel like they left it kind of open ended, like the author could do another series in this world if she really wanted. I would definitely read a new series about all these characters time traveling. I’m glad that in the end Marguerite and Paul figured out their problems, even though they will face a lot of struggles they can face it together. 
   Okay now I though I would talk more about some of my favorite parts. Like I said earlier I really loved the big group meeting of all the different Marguerites. I mostly loved it because we got to see you he grand duchess from the Russiaverse and she got to talk to Paul and he got to pick out names for the baby and ahh it just broke my heart. But I’m glad we got this closure. 
   And then the Moscowverse verse was so cute and perfect and it was cool that we finally got to see Marguerite’s parents use the firebird and travel to another universe. 
    Okay well I think this is all I want to say about this book, I love it so much it’s hard to express my feelings about it. I hope you guys enjoyed this discussion. Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow! Happy reading!