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Hello everyone! Today I will be discussing my top ten favorite books of 2016! I read so many great books this year so it was pretty hard to pick my top ten. There is actually technically more then ten books on this list but they are series so it’s ok lol. Also I’m not going to give you descriptions about these books, I’m just going to tell you why I love them so much. I’m going to do this from 10-1, number one being my favorite of the whole year.

#10 Wish girl by Nikki Loftin I actually have a pretty cute story about how I found this book, I was at the library looking for something to read and I picked up this book and there was a note saying “Dear future reader, this book is so beautiful and I hope you love it as much as I did.” So of course I had to read it and it was beautiful. I read it in less the 24 hours. 

#9 Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher: I’ve been meaning to read this book forever and then finally I picked it up. This book is about love, bullying, suicide, and how our actions effect the people around us. This book will make you look at your own life and make you think about the things you’ve done. It’s probably one of the most impactful books I read this year.

#8 The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton: How do I even talk about this book without crying? It’s impossible. This book follows three generations of woman who lived heartbreaking lives. It’s about pain, family, love and growing up. Its truly heartbreaking and devastating but it has beautiful writing. 

#7 Everything, everything by Nicola Yoon: This book also has beautiful writing which makes it perfectly amazing. This book is about a girl how is basically allergic to everything and hasn’t left her house in seventeen years, when a boy named Olly moves in next door her life will change forever. He teaches her what it’s live to be alive and she teaches him what it’s like when someone loves you. I have a review for this book if you want to hear more of my thoughts.  


6: Me before you by Jojo Moyes: This book was pretty popular this year because the movie came out. I saw the movie and read the book back in the summer and loved both. I love the characters in this book and all the dynamics they have with each other. It’s just a super cute contemporary with an amazing main character with a relatable life. I have a full review for this book if you want to know more.


#5 The legend trilogy by Marie Lu: I read the first book in this trilogy two years ago but I finally got around to reading the other books this past summer. This is a really popular ya trilogy which pretty much everyone has read. I loved marathon reading this series so much I had to put it on this list.

#4 Queen of shadows and Empire of storms by Sara J. Mass: Queen of shadows was the first book I read this year and it took me a month to finish but I loved it. Then I read Empire of storms back in September when it came out and oh my gosh it was amazing. I have a few problems with the direction this series took but I still love it and I think it will be one of my favorite series of all time. I can’t believe the last book in this series comes out next year, I’m probably going to die.

#3 Between shades of grey by Ruta Sepetys: Oh my gosh this book is so perfect. It takes place in Russia during world war 2. It follows a girl and her family through the nightmare of this time. This book is so intense and sad but amazing. I’ve recommended this book to everyone I know and they all loved it. If you love history or historical fiction you should pick up this book. 

#2 The Firebird trilogy by Claudia Grey: I’ve read all the books in this trilogy through out this year and I’ve loved every bit. This series is about travel through different universes. There’s a great romance and lovable characters who all have a fair share of struggles that show all the different sides of being a human. I have a review for the last book if you want to know more.


#1 A court of mist and fury by Sara J. Mass: Oh this books, this beautiful and perfect book. I read this book in May wen it came out and it was the fastest I’ve ever read a Sara J. Mass book. This is the second book in the ACOTAR series. I didn’t really care for the first book but then I rad this book and I loved it! I love the characters, the world, the relationships, and of course Rhys.

   Well those are my top ten favorite books that I read in 2016! I love all these books so much an they now all have a special place in my heart. Let me know if any of your favorite books are on this list an comment your favorite book of the year. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and not forget to like, comment, and follow. Happy reading!