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Hey guys! So today I thought I would talk with you about my reading and writing goals for 2017. I don’t really know what’s going to happen in 2017 but I know no matter what I’ll still have books and my writing. 
  So in 2016 my reading goal was to read 40 books and I reached this goal in September and ended up reading 48 books. So I decided to make my goal this year 55 books. As long as I read five books a month I’ll reach this goal in November. This goal is a little scary but I have faith that I can do it. I also want to try to read more classical books this year. It’s really hard for me to read classics so I’m going to try to at least read five which I know is basically nothing but it’s a lot for me. I also want to re-read more books because I love re-reading and I only re-read two books in 2016.
  As for writing goals there aren’t that many but here’s they are. I want to finish the novel I wrote over NaNoWriMo, and when I say “finish” I mean edit it until it’s a perfect beautiful painting of words. I’m thinking of starting monthly writing updates where I talk to you guys about my writing so we’ll see. I also want to try to re-write the novel I wrote for NaNo in 2015 (the computer I wrote it on broke and I lost everything so I have to start for the beginning). I still really love both of these stories so I’m Excited to work on them again.
   I also want to keep writing short stories and poem and post them on here. Poems are easy for me to write because they always come directly from my heart but I hope I can start writing more short stories to help improve my creative writing. 
   Well I know this was pretty short but that’s all I have for today so I hope you guys enjoyed and don’t forget to like, comment, and follow. Happy reading!