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      Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing and discussing the salt in the sea by Ruta Septeys. Ruta Septeys wrote one of my favorite books between shades of grey which I recommend you read that book before reading this one because one of the main characters in this book is mentioned a lot in between shades of grey and it just makes me so happy that Ruta did that. 
   This book follows four teenagers in Germany in the middle of world war 2. They come from different countries and we find out that they’re all hiding some pretty dark secrets. I think that’s all I’m going to tell you about this book because it’s good to go in with not a lot of information.


    Okay so first let’s talk about all four of these characters and what I liked and didn’t like about them. 
Joana: So Joana was probably my favorite chacon for obvious reasons. She’s a nurse and she’s so brave. I love how she tries her best to look after everyone in the group. She was immediately my favorite character from the very beginning.
Emilia: oh man Emilia’s story just broke my hear. She 15, pregnant, alone, she has no papers, and her home has been destroyed. It was so devastating when we found out the truth about her pregnancy. I’m so mad that she didn’t survive.
Florine: Oh sweet Florine, I didn’t really know if we should trust him or not but over the course of the book I loved him. I shipped him and Joana so much and I love that he’s a artist. 
Alfred: Im not going to talk about Alfred much because I can’t stand him and I blame him for Emila’s death. And to be honest I skipped most of his chapters. 
    I also loved all the side characters like Ingrid and shoe poet and I was devastating when they died, especially when poet died. 
    Before reading this book I never head of this story or about the ship or about any of the hundreds of victims. It’s crazy to hear about all the people that filled up the ship far past it’s capacity. The part when they were all trying to get on the life boats and women were throwing their children overboard to try to save them, it was just heartbreaking. 
    I’m really glad that we got that letter at the end where we found out the Joana and Flourine got married and raised Emilia’s daughter and she is a Olympic swimmer! I love that Ruta Septeys always gives satisfying endings to her books. 
    There is still so much to talk about in this book but I just can’t do it justice. I’m really trying to write better reviews so i’ll keep trying to improve so bare with me. I hope you guys enjoyed the review and don’t forget to like, comment, and follow. Happy reading!