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Hello everyone! Today I decided I would share with you five books that I that I think everyone should read. These are books that I love and that I thought were really impactful and have an important message. Let me know if you’ve read any of these books or if there’s a book that you think should be on this list. 

   #1Wish girl by Nikki Loftin: This book is about a boy who’s family just moved to basically the middle of nowhere. He doesn’t feel like he really fits in with the rest of his family who are are all very loud and outgoing while he is extremely introverted and quite. One day he meets a girl who has cancer and is staying at a near by art camp. I read this book so fast and loved it so much. It’s really sad and it’s not really what you think it is. I love this book book because the friend ship between the two characters and how they shape each other’s lives. 
     #2: Mosquito land by David Arnold: This book is about a girl who’s parents separated and she now lives with her dad who is about to about to get married and become a farther again. When she finds out that her mother is sick she hops and a public bus and runs away to see her. I love this book because of how it rightfully portrays mental illness. We meet a great cast of characters who anyone can relate to. 
     #3: The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender by Lesley Walton: Ah man I can’t even describe how much I live this book. It has beautiful writing, amazing characters, and a story that you’ll think back all the time. This story follows three generations of women. One of them is in a loveless marriage, one suffers through a devastating heartbreak, and the other is born with wings. This book touches on SO many important topics and trust me you won’t want to put it down.
      #4: Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher: This book is about a girl named Hannah who commits suicide and then leaves behind thirteen tapes explaining why. This book taught me to be more aware about how my actions and words effect other people around me. This book is really emotional but very important. Also there’s a Netflix show coming out in march that’s based on this book. 
      #5: Between shades of gray by Ruta Septeys: Every time I think or talk about this book it gets closer to becoming my all time favorite book. This story follows a Lutheran girl named Lina during World War II in Russia. Her family get taken away by NKVD soldiers. This book shows the disturbing but they real life of the people effected by this time. Even if you don’t care for historical fiction I still would recommend this book to you because I wasn’t a fan of historical fiction until I read this book. 
        And that ladies and gentlemen is the end of this list. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and check out all these books, if you do share with me your thoughts. Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow. Happy reading!