Hey guys! I am so so so sorry for not posting anything the past two weeks. I really meant to post but I ended up getting sick twice and then school and my social life has been pretty crazy. I really miss blogging about reading and writing and interacting with you guys. Sadly I’m not back, I have to continue to be on hiatus because I’m moving, tomorrow actually.

    It’s a pretty exciting move for a couple reasons but it’s also stressful as all moves are. I’m taking a break from blogging because I want to focus on setting up my room and of course school and I just need to take something off my plate and sadly reading, writing, and blogging have to go on the back burner. Isn’t life funny like that? You always end up giving up the things you actually love. Anyways I’m hoping to come back mid march once I get settled in. 

     Let me know what kind of post you guys want to see when I come back, and I will hopefully start pre-planning my posts. I really miss you guys and I hope you look forward to my grande return. Thanks for being so patient and I will talk to you guys soon! ❤