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Hey guys! Today I will be talking about the books I hope too read in the month of June. I haven’t had a goo reading month in a really long time so I hope I read a lot this month (I’m so behind on my goodreads goal please take away my Netflix till I catch up). Anyways lets get this started.      I’m actually currently reading two books right now so let’s talk about those first.
1: A court of wings and ruin by Sarah J. Mass. So I’m at the very start of this book but i’m really enjoying it so far. (PLEASE don’t spoil because i will cry and I’ve done such a good job at avoiding spoilers). Anyways I hope too finish this book in a few days and when I do I will write a full review so look out for that.
2: A whole new world by Liz Braswell. So this is a re-telling of Aladdin where Jafar finds the Jennie. I have a little less then half of the book left too finish but I’ve put it down so i can read ACOWAR. I probably wont do a review for this book just because I don’t really like it that much.
    Anyways now too talk about the rest of the books I want too read this month.
3: always and forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han. This is the third and final book in the Lara Jean trilogy and i can’t wait too see what happens to these great characters. I haven’t read a cute contemporary in so long so I’m excited to get to this book.
4: The last ship by Rick Yancy. This is the third and final book book in the fifth wave trilogy which I’m not really a fan of but I still wan too finish and see what happens. Again i most likely wont write a review for this book just because I’m not really that passionate about it.
   Anyways that’s all i have for today, i hope too read way more books then this but I don’t want too overwhelm myself by setting too high of a goal. Let me know what books you guys are reading in the month of June. I hope you guys enjoyed this pot and don’t forget too like, comment, and follow. Happy reading!