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Hey everyone! Today I will finally be reviewing A Court Of Wings And Ruin by Sarah J. Mass, this is the third book in the ACOTAR series. This series is a little weird because this is the last book with our protagonist Feyre but we are getting more books in this world.      I loved this book and I thought it did a great job at finally giving us everything we’ve been waiting too. I gave this book 4.5 stars out of 5 just because I wasn’t really satisfied with the ending which I guess is okay since this isn’t really the end. 

     If you haven’t read this series you definitely have to. Depending on how the Throne of glass series ends I might actually like these books more then Sarah’s other series (Throne of glass). Anyways I’m not going to give a synopsis for this book because it is the third in the trilogy. Without further a due lets get into spoilers so if you haven’t read this book yet stop reading, if you have read it, lets get into this crazy discussion. 


     Okay i have so much I want to talk about. So this book Ickes up three months after ACOMAF and Feyre is living in the spring court with Tamlin and she’s secretly sabotaging him at every turn and causing his people to loss their trust in him. I was really surprised we were only in the spring court for the first hundred pages. I thought most of thi book would be playing secret agent and trying to destroy Tamlin. After Feyre an Lucian leave the spring court we head back to our beloved night court but not before we finally got too see the autumn court! We spend most of this book preparing for the battle with Hybern and also trying to arrange a meeting with all the high lords (which was insane btw). Before we go any further lets talk about some of these characters.
Feyre: I absolutely loved Feyre in this book, after just the first ten pages you could see how different she is then she was in the first book. We was no longer the stubborn and cruel character from acotar and she wasn’t the broken and lost character from acomaf. She now has a family that she wold die for. She is the high lady of the night court and no one is going to get in her way. 
Rhysand: As usual Rhys is amazing. I love how he protects Feyre and treats her like a queen. He doesn’t undermine her and he brings out the best side of her. He never pushes her. He defends her against anyone how even looks at her in a bad way. I love that they have such a beautiful and healthy relationship.
Lucian: I have always loved Lucian and I truly hope one day he gets his happy ending. I was really happy that he went with Feyre to the night court and he finally stopped being Tamlin’s little puppy too kick around. I really hope one day when Elain is ready she’ll accept the mating bond and they can be together, Ireally think they could be great for each other (WE DID NOT GET ENOUGH INTERACTION BETWEEN THEM IN THIS BOOK)
Nesta and Elain: I loved Nesta in this book and I’ve loved her since the end of acotar. She’s definitely not perfect but i think with some time she will become an amazing person. I hope maybe she and Casian can be together because they obviously are attracted to each other. I felt so bad for Elain in this book. She was so broken by what happened in the cauldron and all she wanted was to go home too her fiancé. I think her powers are really interesting and in time she will become a strong and amazing women.

Tamlin: Tamlin is still a horrible person and still has a lot to do before he is redeemed in the eyes of the fans. But he did do some good things in this book. I cried when he saved Rhys and told Feyre to be happy. I think he will always love her and will always have hope that she’ll go back to him. I hope he can respect their relationship and that their courts can have a peaceful alliance.
     Know theres like a billion more characters but if i talked about each and everyone of them this post would be as long as the book itself. Ow i want to talk about my top five favorite moments.
1: When Feyre was going to the wall with everyone and was planning to go back to the night court and then her maid Aliss said she was going back to he home to the summer court. She told Feyre she would always have a friend in the summer court an Feyre said she would have a friend in her court and Alis knew she was talking about the spring court but the night court. I love that even though Feyre didn’t tell her she still knew Feyre was in love with the night court and its high lord. I hope we see more of her one day.
2: When Feyre saw Innthia with Lucian and she broke her hand. I love this scene because we got too se Feyre’s awesome powers and we finally got revenge on the piece of trash that is Innathia. (Btw it broke my heart too hear what she did to Lucian). I also love this scene because it’s a great example of Feyre and Lucian’s relationship.
3: When Nesta and Cassian were fighting the king. This moment was so intense and I thought Cassian was going to die and I cried. But i love this scene because Elain came up an surprised every San she was like “don’t touch my sister!” And then she stabbed the king. The king! I really wasn’t expecting that but I’m glad Sarah wrote it that way. 
4: When Feyre’s farther came to their rescue and brought tons of soldiers and the lost human queen! This scene was so amazing and heart wrenching because he named his his after his daughters. I wanted to cry because even though we never really saw him doing anything this just showed how much love he has for his daughters. T also reminded of a scene in acotar where Feyre is in the spring court with Tamlin right after he take her from her home and she thought she saw her farther coming to get her. Was so happy at the thought of him coming to recuse her but when she realized it wasn’t him she said something that she should have known it wasn’t him because he old never be brave enough to come get her, but this time he was.
5: When Rhys “died” and she begged Tamlin to save him. First off i knew Sarah wouldn’t kill hm for good so I didn’t cry when he died but i did cry when he came back. Feyre begs Tamlin the last person in the world who wold ever want to save Rhys but he did and when Feyre said she would give Tamlin anything, all he said was for her to be happy. 
    Of course there were so many more moments that i loved but those are just a few that stuck out to me. I wanted to make another list about the saddest moments in this book because the were many but this post is already pretty long. Let me just say that when the suriel died it was surprising emotional, and we found out that when he told Feyre in the first book to stay with the high lord he was talking about Rhys the whole time. Also when her farther died was obviously emotional but he died protecting his daughters and i think its going to bring the three of them closer together. 

    Anyway that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know what you’re thoughts on this book. Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow. Happy reading!