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Seven years, I waited for that one simple moment.I was young, naïve, and had a few less scars. 

Somehow your pretty boy smile caught my eye.
Then I went away.

I grew up.

Fell for the wrong people and cried for the ones that didn’t care.

I gained a few scars and decided to come home.
You still had that brown curly hair and know-it-all look in your eye, and I fell for it again.

I put on what armor I had left and put myself on the front line.

I stood their far to vulnerable but I was willing to risk it for that pretty boy smile.
But I forgot to protect my heart and you took it, only for a few perfect seconds and decided to move on too the next one willing to sacrifice themselves for you. 

I hope she was good enough for your stupid pretty boy smile. 

I hope you know I was in love with that stupid smile for seven years.