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Hey guys! Today i’ll be discussing the first two days of BookTubeaThon and how I’ve been doing so far. I wanna know how you guys are doing so far so let me know!
Day 1: So the first day wasn’t too good. I didn’t do any reading till 4 pm (because I forgot it started wopps). But even though it was a rocky start I did manage to finish Girl in the blue coat by Monica Hesse, I read the last 150 pages so overall I think that’s a good start but it could’ve been better.
Day 2: I woke and immediately started reading Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco.

I’ve been reading throughout the day and I wanted too finish the whole book today but I got a headache so I couldn’t but I did read the first 200 pages so hopefully I can read the last hundred in the morning.
So overall I’ve read 350 pages which isn’t terrible but I wish I was a little more ahead but I think i’ll have more time for reading in the next few days.
Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don’t forget to like, comment, and follow. Happy reading!
P.S. Sorry for such a short post but this is what most of my post will be like for the next week.